It was a gloomy day for Brett Rossi; after getting fired from her job for the tenth time. Bored; hungry and lonely; she decides to hire a call girl. She goes to her favorite escort website; and realizes she’s become something of a collector. Then it dawns on her that hookers are expensive. She acknowledges she has a problem; and decides to call trainer Abigail Mac instead. Abigail comes over with her exercise mats and coaches Brett through various ass shaking moves. This trainer likes to work hands on with her clients. She humps Brett’s ass just to help her into position. Brett finally comes clean to Abigail about her sex addiction; admitting her workouts are too stimulating for her. Abigail wants to treat her addiction and promises to take an organic approach. As hard as Brett’s trying to get her life on track; she succumbs to Abigail’s boob massage. Once the rest of her workout clothes come off; Brett spreads her lips for Abigail; then reciprocates on the trainer’s pussy. Later that day; Brett


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